Transitioning to the cloud for small businesses is a big step, but it can be done in manageable steps that will help your company’s performance and resilience. This can be achieved by leveraging the cloud to store files and backups of local files in case of an emergency.

  1. Saves on internal infrastructure costs of hardware and servers that depreciate and require budgeting to replace on a regular basis
  2. Requires less onsite consulting or employees to manage and maintain
  3. Takes advantage of much faster and more reliable hardware that can scale as needed to realize more savings
  4. Grows with your company and does not require lead time for provisioning new servers and time/effort to put new servers into service. With cloud services, what would take week to provision can take minutes and new servers are in production
  5. Geographic redundancy helps with response times and disaster recovery scenarios.
  6. No overhead costs of data center rackspace and electric/bandwidth fees
  7. Ability to meld your local servers to cloud infrastructure with Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs)
  8. Easily transition applications and functions from your traditional datacenter to the cloud in a predictable and budgetable manner
  9. Lower cost and risk by using cloud storage versus drive arrays
  10. Lower cost to achieve any compliance needed for your business, such as HIPAA compliance.

Cloud Condor can assist your business to realize all these benefits and more with our on-demand cloud consulting services.

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