Cloud Condor was born from the idea that in an ever changing IT environment it is difficult for small businesses to tackle the daunting task of transitioning or growing their business in the cloud. Even the terminology seems vaporish and scary to those not familiar with it. Our goal is to provide a reliable and knowledgeable team of cloud architects, administrators, and thought leaders that can work with small businesses to move their applications and services to the cloud and realize the immense potential costs savings the cloud can provide. Additionally, we want to help small business gain the added reliability and resilience of the cloud, instead of continuing to depend on a server in their office wiring closet.

Our team first consults with clients to determine their business needs and what applications or services are best initial to transition to the cloud. We then create a comprehensive plan to make the changes with a flat rate cost plan. Through the whole process we work with internal managers and IT professionals to coordinate and educate as needed.

The cloud is not a scary place when you have the Cloud Condor team on your side.