The cloud offers small businesses the ability to start and scale quickly, but while many small businesses have already taken full advantage of cloud services, a survey from PC World report that only 20% are actively working on a plan to take full advantage of cloud technologies.

To help make the planning stage easier, we put together 7 key considerations for small businesses shopping for cloud services:

  1. Know your business’ goals—cloud technology can help your business move toward you goals to reduce cost, improve cash flow, improve communication and collaboration, and offer improved customer service
  2. Don’t get locked in— be aware of the lock-in potential and really consider providers that offer on-demand solutions that allow their services to grow as you do.
  3. Assess ROI—start with a cloud assessment and plan from true cloud architects to ensure your company’s risk is low and to help you assess your ROI
  4. Be aware of data security– for most small businesses don’t have security experts on staff so storing data in the cloud can actually be more secure. Be sure you choose a cloud service provider that offer 24/7 security monitoring
  5.  Look out for hidden costs—many cloud providers offer stripped down versions that don’t do everything you need and require you to purchase add-ons. Look for service providers that allow you to move between service plans without penalty.
  6. Don’t forget training and implementation–With any new IT solution, make sure you allow time for users to get up to speed, minimize the frequency and number of disruptions with upgrades or new tools, and make sure you choose a provider that can help you plan for these changes.
  7.  Embrace the cloud–It isn’t going away and will offer significant top line and bottom line benefits and give you the agility to scale and compete more effectively.

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